Created on: 1 December 2021
  • Digital drawing on Procreate
  • Size: 3240 x 4050px
  • Print size: 40 x 60cm (other size's at request)
  • The God of Sleep

Artwork description:

Hypnosis is derived from the word ‘Hypnos’. The Scottish physician James Braid coined the word for the trance form we now call hypnosis in 1843.

Hypnos: In Greek, it means ‘sleep‘. Hypnos is the god of sleep in Greek mythology. He is often depicted as a young man with two wings, which do not come out publicly from the shoulders but from the head.

Stories about Hypnos frequently tell about poppies. Outside the cave where he has carried fields of poppies. Poppy (Papaversomniferum) refers to the sleep-inducing (opium) effect of poppy seeds. This species is also used as an ornamental plant. It is the symbol of Hypnos, the god of sleep, and of his son Morpheus, the god of dreams.

The artwork is custom-made for Mind Experts created in December 2021.

For the artwork ‘Hypnos’ I’ve used my Charcoal & Graphite brush pack on the iPad.


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